ASA patch  DET J - Image Gallery

This GALLERY contains photos submitted by 7th RRFS veterans - some were taken by them while on tour back in the 70's and others are "borrowed" from the Internet.  If you have photos you've taken and want to share, please EMAIL  them to us and we will display them here. (Be sure to review copyright laws regarding photos taken by someone other than yourself before sending them to us). And be sure to include your contact info.

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Submitted by:  RJ Riesterer - from the Internet

Submitted by:  G. Courtney

Submitted by:  RJ Riesterer - Aircraft at Ubon RTAF 

Submitted by:  Charles Jarboe

watch tower

Submitted by:  Randy (Lefty) Riesterer

This Second GALLERY contains current photos and captions submitted by 7th RRFS veterans. It is a treat to see and hear from colleagues we knew back in the day when we were all sooo much younger. 

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Submitted by:  RJ Riesterer - 

Debbie and I Ops at Ramasun

Submitted by:  Doug Vizena

Submitted by:  

Submitted by:  Charles Jarboe

Submitted by: