Encore Bakery

We have collected many favorite bakery recipes for you to try and to enjoy.  So don your trusty baking apron, roll up your sleeves and fire up the ol' oven.  Bravo chef-d'ouevre!

Using common sense is always the first step to take to insure a safe working place:

 hazardTake care there is no exposed electrical wiring (which should NEVER be the case) or operate an electrical appliance if its cord is in or near water.

Be sure your electric oven is in good and safe operating condition or your gas oven in good operating condition and is not leaking gas.

child hazardBe sure children cannot access anything on or near your stove that could burn or fall on them - little fingers are VERY QUICK. 

Visit these websites for more information:
- Basic Rules (for Dummies)

Kitchen Rules (PDF)
- 28 Basic Kitchen Safety Tips

Apliance Safety
- Mr. Appliance
- ESFA - Kitchen Electrical Safety
- AHAM Blog - Safety Tips
- DIY Gas Appliance Check

Food Magazines

If you Google for oher baking ideas using "food magazines" as a key phrase, you'll get quite a number of magazines dedicated to foods: