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Gettin' On!!

Age Brings: 
Character ☛
Responsibility ☛
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Health Issues ☛
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Gettin' On!

Age Brings: 

Welcome to Our Website on Aging

Getting on in years should not be a frightening process but an awsome journey.
"...There are a few ‘signs’ people wait for as they progress through the process of aging, and if any of these ring true to you, consider some of the suggestions or adapt the situation to fit one of your own experiences...."
Catherine Roland Ed.D -- Aging with G.R.A.C.E. = Gratitude, Resilience, Attitude, Courage and Education

Ode to Aging:
As a newborn, I joined the human nest.
As a child, I tarried the days for play.
As a youth, I thought I knew it best.
As a spouse, I prayed for love to stay.
As a parent, I dreaded time to crest.
As an elder, I yearned the easy day.
And now I await my eternal rest, 
And my life to stand at bay. 

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