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The first slide was done as a commemorative website for those servicemen of the Silent Service (ASA) attached to the 7th RRFS at Det J in Ubon, Thailand during the Vietnam War.

7thrrfs Website

The second slide is a screen capture of a site that was built for a NPO organization that services its community’s spiritual and physical needs. Features a Donations page to collect items for their Thrift Store, volunteering of time, or cash donations (via PayPal).


The third is a capture of a US Marine Detachment group that serves both its community and its membership. There are several pages that offer CMS  (editable by Det staff) via a built-in 'HTML Editor'.

Nittany Leathernecks

The fourth slide is an information site that provides valuable resources for the elderly and their caretakers.

Gettinon Website

The fifth slide is a general purpose development site that is designed to demonstrate a secure logon via a user-database method for a website requiring limited-access.

Secure Website

The sixth slide is a site that offers fine art photography to those with discerning tastes interested in home, office, or lobby display. Uses a custom-built sales cart for online sales transactions.

Seenix Website

The seventh slide is another information website that provides a ton of resources for those in need of relaxation methods to better their health.

Untying Website

This slide is another commemorative site that honors the courageous US Marine pilots who fought at Guadalcanal during WWII. Pilots and crew bios are featured via modals on the Warriors page.

VMF112 Website

This slide is a graffiti demo site. The site discusses whether graffiti is a true art form or merely vandalism..

Graffix Website

This site features some of the websites created by RjRwebz that display and discuss diverse art forms and formats: SeenIX, ClassIX, Geometrix and GraffIX.

Collective Website

While you’re enjoying your coffee and paper, I will be hard at work creating the perfect website to market your products or services. Slides of some of my websites are carouseling in the above column.  (Respective info blocks are listed in the left column- click on the titles to expand the block).

About Me & My Rates

I have been designing websites since 1989 and was the Webmaster at the largest research laboratory at the University of Penn State until my retirement in 2015. I am now specializing in creating and maintaining websites for NPO's (Non Profit Organizations) and PSO's (Public Service Organizations). This is why I'm keeping my rates as low as I can.

Design: @ $15.00/hour
 Without a database:
  1-3 pages = $ 25.00
  4-6 pages = $ 50.00
  7+ pages = $125.00

With MySQL database:
add $25.00 to the above rates.


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